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  1. 400" LSX 1500hp Long Block

    400" LSX 1500hp Long Block


    This uncompromising combination will handle whatever boost your smaller displacement blower or turbos can offer. At the center is the proven 3.750" Callies 4340 Magnum crankshaft riding in Clevite H-Series bearings. 4.125” custom Wiseco pistons designed to handle high cylinder pressures are pinned to Callies Ultra 6.125” rods. Making use of the 6-bolt design the GM LSX block offers, the LME Black Label LS7 cylinder heads are fastened with ARP hardware.

  2. 427" LSX 1500hp Long Block

    427" LSX 1500hp Long Block


    This is the absolute proven combination that gives you 1500+ horsepower at your disposal. The solid foundation starts with your choice of blocks; the rigid piece from Dart or direct from GM, with the mighty LSX. Both feature remarkable improvements to the oiling system and cast with exceptional materials. Handling the top end are 6-bolt heads from All-Pro, Black Label, or Brodix castings. All feature LME in-house CNC porting and utmost quality components with option to upgrade to 1/2" studs. LMEs custom forged 4.125" piston from Wiseco is designed to handle the astounding heat and cylinder pressures today's boosted street machines produce. Callies Dragonslayer crank with a 4.000" stroke, 6.125" Ultra rods, and .200" wall heavy duty pins conclude the proven rotating construction making this the ultimate base for street car dominance.

  3. 427" LSX 2000hp Long Block

    427" LSX 2000hp Long Block


    Custom race engines – Each combination is taylored to specific class rules putting to use the latest race engine theory and technology. LME's race engines are proven performers and are currently powering some of the quickest and fastest LS-based cars in the world. To date LME has turbo charged stock suspended drag radial cars running 7.50's in the ¼ mile and naturally aspirated vehicles going mid 8's. Let LME taylor a combination that puts you in the winner's circle.

  4. 454" LSX Long Block

    454" LSX Long Block


    When your build calls for big cubes and insane levels or torque, this 454” is what you covet. This under square power plant with its 4.250” stroke and 4.125” bores will have the grunt needed to get the biggest blowers turning. A set of LME CNC ported heads exploit the impeccable castings from All-Pro, Black Label, or Brodix and are fitted with the utmost of quality components.

  5. 468" LSX NA - Nitrous Tall Deck Long Block

    468" LSX NA - Nitrous Tall Deck Long Block


    Utilizing your choice of tall deck aftermarket block and matched set of heads, this rowdy combo will realize your wildest torque filled fantasies. 850hp and 700fl/lbs are easily obtainable with this naturally breathing monster. Swinging 4.185" custom Diamond pistons with a 4.250" Callies Magnum crank, low end power may be overwhelming to the abashed. Annex a robust shot of N2O and you will be sure to test the strengths of every drive train component bolted to the underside of your hot rod.

  6. LS3 416" Force Induction Long Block

    LS3 416" Force Induction Long Block


    Proven reliable for daily 600-800 streetable horsepower, this 416 is true drop in performance for your boosted cruiser. Bottom end consist of a forged rotating assembly made up of Callies Compstar crank and rods and custom Wiseco gas ported pistons. Top end is boost ready with in-house CNC ported cylinder heads and fastened with ARP hardware.

  7. LS3 416" N/A - Nitrous Long Block

    LS3 416" N/A - Nitrous Long Block


    Proven to make 620hp at the crank, this 11.5:1 combination offers drop in performance to your LS3 powered project. Constructed with forged internals including a 4.000" stroke Callies Compstar crank with matching Compstar 6.125" rods and custom 4.070" Wiseco pistons. LMEs in-house CNC porting provides all necessary air flow you need and rigorous enough to handle a potent shot of Nitrous for a little more fun at the track.

  8. LS7 427" N/A - Nitrous Long Block

    LS7 427" N/A - Nitrous Long Block


    Daily drivable 720hp is effortless with this 427” LS7. Starting up top with the cylinder heads, we install CHE precision manganese bronze valve guides before running our in-house CNC porting and assemble with your choice of quality components. Bottom end begins with your choice of trued and indexed 4.000” crankshaft with Callies Compstar or Ultra connecting rods. Custom forged Wiseco pistons fill the 4.125” cylinders that have been honed to perfection. No matter what you plan to power, this LS7 will provide miles of dependable service.

  9. NEW
    LS7 440" N/A - Nitrous Long Block

    LS7 440" N/A - Nitrous Long Block


    With a 4.130" bore and 4.125" stroke crank, this stout 440" offers a true callous demeanor for your street machine or road racer. The forged rotating assembly rides in your pick of block options. The LME CNC ported cylinder heads are prepared with CHE manganese bronze guides and grant various options that will keep your lap times short and your track days long.

  10. LT1 377" Force Induction Long Block

    LT1 377" Force Induction Long Block


    The perfect compliment to your force fed Stingray, this 377” built with forged internals will keep your showroom quality ride track ready. Piston oil squirters are retained with the factory crank and custom Diamond pistons hanging Callies Ultra rods. Top end performance and durability is enhanced by upgrades to the valve guides, exhaust valves, and LMEs in-house CNC porting.

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