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LME Chooses Victory 1 Performance Valves to power you into the winners circle!

Late Model Engines relies on the talented craftsmen at Victory 1 Performance to make the valves and valve-train components we use in our most stressed engines on the street and at the track. V1P resides in the motorsports town of Mooresville, North Carolina. As a manufacturer of valves used in the toughest forms of motorsports, the knowledge base, experience, and network the team has assists to design and create the finest performance and racing valve-train in the LS market.

Building an efficient drag-race engine around boost requires a little more math and planning than one might expect. To start, the engine builder may have to work within boundries established by the rulebook. But the primary goal is to match the boost potential of the power adder — whether that’s a supercharger or turbocharger — to the engine.

The gang out at Late Model Engines in Houston, Texas do s a fine job of building all sorts of horsepower. Specializing in GM LSX engines, their shop boasts a fully-equipped machining room complete with multiple three-axis CNC machining centers, Sunnen honing systems, a Hines electronic balancer, and a pair of SuperFlow machines – a flow bench and EFI engine dynamometer.

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